Weight of Rcc Pipes


How we calculate Weight of Rcc Pipes:-

For RCC pipe of 2.5mtr. length with 900mm. outer diameter, having a wall thickness of 100mm.

In this case, we have three input variables
Outer diameter (D) = 900 mm.,
Wall thickness (t) = 100mm., and
Length of the pipe (L) = 2.5mtr.

First we need to find out inner Dia of pipe which is
Now, inner diameter d = D – ( 2 × t) = 900 – ( 2× 100) = 700mm.

The volume of the RCC pipe = π/4 ×  (D2- d2) × L.

= (3.142/ 4 ) ×  (0.92 – 0.72)× 2.5

= 0.7855 × 0.32 × 2.5 = 0.6284 cubic meter.


As we know, the density of RCC is 2500kg/cu.mtr.

Weight of the RCC Hume pipe = volume  × density

= 0.6284   ×  2500

= 1571 kg.

Similarly, you can calculate the weight of the RCC pipes of different dimensions. Here, you have to replace the dimension in the above formula to get the answer.

The collar part, as you can see in the above fig. can be calculated separately, and adding the pipe and collar weight gives the accurate result.


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