Sewer Pipes Manufacturer

Sewer Pipes Manufacturer

Sewerage and drainage piping systems are used to get rid of human waste through a well-arranged network of drainage pipes. Shri Balaji Spun Pipes is one of the best Sewer Pipes manufacturers & offers the best Rcc Hume Pipes and Manhole cover systems for various sewerage and drainage needs.

We offer top-class solutions for drainage and sewerage that can cater to the needs of commercial & infrastructure projects.

Shri Balaji Spun Pipe manufactures Rcc Hume Pipes & precast concrete covers and gratings in various sizes and shapes. The size of Rcc pipes that we manufacture starts from 150MM and goes up to 1800MM & concrete sewer cover sizes are available in the clear opening of GT 300 MM x 300 MM, 450 MM ×450 MM, 450 MM x 500 MM, 450 MM x 600 MM, 600 MM x 600 MM, 600 MM x 900 MM, 800 MM x 900 MM, 750 MM x 1000 MM, 1000 MM x 1000 MM, 1000 MM x 1200 MM.

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