Precast Concrete in India!

Precast Concrete in India

Concrete is the most commonly used building material in the world, and precast concrete components and structures provide a creative way to ex-tend the use of concrete.

Precast structures are well-recognized as environmentally friendly structural systems, so there is no doubt that precast technology will play a very important role in future construction activities. In the 21st century, construction needs that will use precast concrete include:–

Tall residential buildings
Tall office buildings
Advanced modern factories
Online shopping warehouses
Large-scale infrastructure

Precast Concrete in India!
Today, we can see that the Indian construction majors are adopting precast concrete technology in constructing their latest projects. Precast concrete technology is a durable and versatile technology for construction. In this technology the different elements or panels of concrete are produced under strict quality control measures in state of the art factories by highly trained personnel, with virtually no wastage. There are dedicated precast factories which serve produce for multiple construction projects as well as on-site precast factories which serve a particular construction project.

Key factors which are enabling the growth of precast concrete technology in India are:

Speed of construction
Avoiding large labour force on site
Almost 1/3rd less delivery time than the conventional methods
Delivering quality products
Large spans can be achieved using prestressed elements


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