How we make Safety Bollard

Manufacturing Process of Safety Bollards

Step 1. Steel cage is prepared with 8 MM TMT Bars

Step 2. Prepare Concrete Mixture in M30 grade.

Step 3. Steel Cage is inserted in moulds

Step 4. Assembling of Moulds

Step 5. Filling moulds with concrete mixture

Step 6. Settling mixture in moulds with the help of Vibration compaction method using FRP for impeccable finish.

Step 7. Demoulding

Step 8. Finish with Homogeneous layer of cement plaster 1:1 (Cement & Sand)

Step 9. Curing

First steel reinforcement cage is prepared with 8MM TMT Bars. After that concrete mixture is prepared in M30 grade. Mixing water in the cement, sand and stone will form a paste that will bind the material until the mixture hardens. Once the mixture is ready Mould are assembled and steel cage is inserted in moulds and concrete mixture is fed into the moulds and settle the mixture properly with vibration table which is called vibration compaction method using plastic moulds for impeccable finish. After a while moulds are removed and Bollards are Finished with Homogeneous layer of cement plaster 1:1 (Cement & Sand) and after that submersed in the curing tank for 7 days