Difference between NP2 and NP3 Hume Pipes


Difference between NP2 and NP3 Class RCC Hume Pipes

Non-Pressure RCC Hume pipes of class 2 are known as light-duty Hume pipes used for sewers, irrigation, and light traffic culverts. their thickness varies from 25 to 110 mm for 8cm dia and 2.2m dia respectively. for NP3 (medium duty) the thickness varies from 25 to 215mm
for 8cm dia and 2.6m dia respectively. there is an NP4 class also. all the remaining being same except the thickness. IS:458-1988 deals with the requirements.

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Load Bearing Capacity and Barrel wall thickness of Np2, Np3, and Np4 as Below:













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