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Shri Balaji Spun Pipe is the leading Concrete drain cover manufacturer in India. We produce a wide range of precast drain covers to facilitate stormwater drainage systems, slurry systems, industrial wastage systems, irrigation channels, cable management systems, and cover all other types of channels. We are engaged in manufacturing manhole covers in various shapes like square, rectangular, circular with various capacity ranges such as Light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy Duty. They are manufactured using M30 Grade of concrete by Vibro Compaction process using accurately designed molds. Manhole Covers of customized sizes can also be manufactured on request.

Precast concrete drain covers are available with optional MS Sheet at drain cover corners, reinforced with round MS Bars of diameter ranging from 6 MM to 16 MM. RCC Drain Covers can be perforated with the desired number of holes of the required internal diameter to facilitate a smooth flow through the channels assisted by gravity and water. RCC Chamber covers can be made plain with standard type and non-perforated to allow sealed watertight chamber space beneath the drain covers in India.

The reason why Shri Balaji Spun Pipe is No. 1 Drain Cover Manufacturer.
-Covers are provided with the Lifting Hooks
-Test Load for Extra Heavy-duty is 35 MT(EHD), Heavy Duty 20 MT, Medium Duty 10 MT, Light Duty 25 MT.
-Covers can also be provided with holes for the stormwater drain.
-Manufactured using M30 grade of concrete by vibro compaction processed accurately designed molds
-Our finished products are cured for at least 10 to 15 days to achieve high strength.

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