ISI 458:2003 Certified Company

IS 458.2003 Company

ISI 458:2003 is a standard issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and is titled “Method of measurement of RCC Hume Pipes Testing”. This standard provides guidelines for the measurement of Rcc Pipes Testing.

The standard specifies the procedures and methods to be followed for measuring Rcc Pipes. It also outlines the various types of measurements that can be used, such as the Load Bearing Test, and Permeability Test, Hydrostatic Test, and provides guidelines for accurate measurement and recording.

ISI 458:2003 is important for construction professionals as it helps ensure consistency and accuracy in the measurement of Rcc Pipes,  which is an essential part of any building or civil engineering project. Adhering to this standard can help avoid errors, disputes, and delays in construction projects.



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