Concrete Manhole Covers and Frames


With the help of our highly experienced and qualified professionals, we are offering a comprehensive range of Concrete Manhole Covers to esteemed clients. These manhole covers are manufactured using premium quality raw material, which is procured from reliable vendors of the market. Offered manhole covers are widely used to cover the drainage holes in the streets.

Shri Balaji Spun Pipe strictly adheres to industry quality and testing norms and leaves no scope of error in producing quality manhole covers and frames in India.

Here are a few advantages of buying precast manhole covers prefabricated by us:

Metal Thieves arrested: When we make a comparison list of cast iron manhole cover lids and precast manhole covers and gratings, the Shri Balaji concrete manholes have a remarkable economy in their worth. That is the main basis of choosing and robbing cast iron manhole covers instead by the thieves. Along with the above fact, prefabricated Shri Balaji manhole covers and frames are super solid and made up of really heavy material as compared to cast iron manhole lids. So, it is obviously going to bear too great pain would to rob.

Shri Balaji offers beautiful concrete products: Precast manhole covers and frames are very simple and smooth. Manhole covers made of other materials like fiber or metal are generally rugged. In addition to its beauty factor, Shri Balaji manhole covers can be effortlessly matched to pathways and roadways. Also, SFRC manhole covers produced by Shri Balaji Concrete Industries have classic designs on their surface making them beautiful and adding a technical benefit of being non-slippery. In one analysis report, it was found that few individuals fail to notice that they are literally moving on manhole covers.

Easier and faster installation: Prefabricated Manhole covers made by Shri Balaji are uncomplicated to put in place. Hence it is so simple to install, it does not take a lot of money to be spent in concrete manhole cover fixation over the manhole wall. Shri Balaji provides a concrete sewer cover that comes with the concrete manhole frame along with it.

Shri Balaji has a variety of dimensions: Shri Balaji Concrete Industries manufacture precast concrete covers and gratings in various sizes and shapes. The concrete manhole cover sizes are available in clear opening of GT 300 MM x 300 MM, 450 MM ×450 MM, 450 MM x 500 MM, 450 MM x 600 MM, 600 MM x 600 MM, 600 MM x 900 MM, 800 MM x 900 MM, 750 MM x 1000 MM, 1000 MM x 1000 MM, 1000 MM x 1200 MM. The widely accepted round manhole covers have sizes of 560 MM Diameter and 600 MM Diameter. The shapes of precast concrete sewer covers are circular, lamp hole, scrapper, rectangular, and square. There are LD light-duty concrete manhole covers, MD medium-duty concrete manhole covers, and HD heavy-duty manhole covers, and EHD extra heavy-duty concrete manhole covers.

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