Balaji Drain Covers

Manufacturing Process of Drain covers

Step 1. Storage of material

Step 2. Assembling of moulds

Step 3. Preparing reinforcement cage

Step 4. Concrete mixture

Step 5. Filling of moulds with concrete mixture

Step 6. Settling mixture in moulds with the help of Vibration compaction method using ply wood base for shuttering finish.

Step 7. Demoulding

Step 8. Curing

All casting, including drain slabs are made in large factories as they acquire large space. First concrete mixture is prepared in the ration of 1:1:5:3. Mixing water in the cement, sand and stone will form a paste that will bind the material until the mixture hardens. Once the mixture is ready it is fed into the moulds and settle the mixture properly with vibration table which is called vibration compaction method with ply wood base for best finish. After a while moulds are removed from the slabs and submersed in the curing tank for 7 days.