Why RCC Pipes are so popular?

The RCC pipes are one of the widely preferred pipes in the construction industry. Few reasons why the legacy we leave for our children and grandchildren, as well as for our own sake today, is best met with concrete.

1.Cost & affordability
Concrete pipes provide installed cost savings as they can be laid without using a full granular bedding and surround. Excavated material can be reused and imported granular material can be reduced to a minimum. The reuse of excavated material during installation also reduces disposal costs – a key benefit when faced with continued increases in landfill tax.

2. Rapid production & installation
Concrete pipes do not always require a full granular surround, saving time in bedding and compaction and Installation is easy and well understood by contractors and the process often uses machinery already available on site.

3. Resistance to damage, abrasion & corrosion
Concrete pipeline products are strong and robust. They are not prone to damage during storage, handling, installation or use, No special protection measures are required against damage on site, whereas other materials may require special storage and protection against sunlight, heat and general site activities.

4. Inherent strength
Concrete pipeline systems are less susceptible than flexible systems to inadequate bedding and poor installation. The strength and structure of a concrete pipeline system comes from the pipe itself – unlike flexible systems it is not heavily reliant on the design and quality of the installation.

5. Stability
Concrete drainage products offer better resistance to uplift or flotation than other materials, particularly during floods or in cases of rising groundwater.

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