Shri Balaji is a leading manufacturer of Grass Pavers

Balaji is known as one of the leading manufacturers of a high-quality Grass Grid Pavers. Offered at market leading prices, these pavers are manufactured using the high-quality raw element as per the norms set by the enterprise so that they meet the international quality standards and provide long lasting performance. Largely useful for flooring in different areas such as parks, lawns, residences and offices, this range is available in different specifications and dimensions in order to meet different requirements of our clients.

Advantages to using Grass Pavers
1. Grass block pavers reduce stormwater runoff, one of the biggest sources of water pollution. Stormwater runoff is caused when rain washes over asphalt or concrete, picks up oil and other road pollutants, and washes the whole toxic soup into rivers, bays, and streams. And because they absorb water, grass block pavers slow down the water that races over pavement in a rainstorm, preventing erosion.
2. Grass block pavers recharge groundwater. Those spots of grass allow rain to seep into the ground, putting it back into aquifers, very important in arid climates where water supply is tight. The grass and soil in your grow-through pavers will filter out the pollutants, so the water that returns to the earth is clean.
3. Porous pavers keep the air around your driveway cooler, thanks to the magic of transpiration from that grass. An asphalt drive absorbs heat and gets hotter than Phoenix in July.
4. You can congratulate yourself on being an earth-friendly person.
5. They’re beautiful. Squares of grass beat a shroud of asphalt or concrete every time.

We are offering Grass guard Permeable Paver. These pavers are appreciated by our esteemed clients for their easy fitting, high tensile strength, load-bearing capacity, perfect finish and optimum resistance against austere weather conditions. Offered pavers are available in different sizes, thicknesses, and shapes so that our customers can obtain as per their varying demands.