Half Round Manhole Cover by Shri Balaji


Idea Behind Half Round Manhole covers
Sometimes its became very difficult to move Manhole from one place to another due to heavyweight, we came up with the idea of dividing the whole set into 2 pieces. In this, we kept the base of the set unchanged so that the strength of the product is not compromised.

Manufacturing Process of Half Round Manhole covers

Step 1. The steel cage is prepared

Step 2. Prepare Concrete Mixture in M30 grade.

Step 3. Steel Cage is inserted in moulds

Step 4. Assembling of Moulds

Step 5. Filling moulds with concrete mixture

Step 6. Settling mixture in moulds with the help of the Vibration compaction method using FRP for an impeccable finish.

Step 7. Demoulding

Step 8. Finish with a Homogeneous layer of cement plaster 1:1 (Cement & Sand)

Step 9. Curing for at least 10 to 15 days

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