Manhole Covers Rate List 2021

Manhole Cover rate list

We at Shri Balaji Spun Pipes Manufactured RCC Manhole Cover with cement concrete of M-30 grade by vibro compaction method using FRP/steel mould so as to achieve shuttering finish.This makes them inexpensive, strong, and heavy. The weight helps to keep them in place when traffic passes over them, and makes it difficult for unauthorized people without suitable tools to remove them.

Latest Rate List of Manhole cover is as below:

Product Specification Rate Range Per Set
600-600-70 MM MD 800-1000
600-600-70 MM HD20 950-1100
450-500-70 MM 850-1000
450-450-70 MM 850-1000
300-300-50 MM GT 550-650
560 MM-90 MM ROUND HD20 1150-1300
560-90 MM ROUND EHD 1300-1500
560-70 MM MD 850-1000
260-260-35 MM GT 350-450
600-600-90 MM EHD 1200-1400
450-600-70 MM 850-1000
800-900-70 MM HD 2300-2600


These are Ex-Factory Prices. Exclusive of loading, unloading, and transportation cost.

Please Note: The above Price of Hume Pipes might not be the same at this time, because multiple-factor affect prices during the time like Raw Material cost, Labour Charges and Electricity expenses, etc.

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