All About Slit Drains

Slit (also known as Slot Drains) drains combine a storm water collection system with the carrier pipe. They provide an effective, discreet, and aesthetically appealing method of drainage. These drains incorporate a 20 mm wide slit/slot at the top through which the water drains.The slit is diverging in shape which discourages silt from clogging the drain. The water collected is carried via an integrated pipe ranging in diameter from 150mm to 300mm. Due to the pipe shaped body of the drain these drains offer improved hydraulics compared to traditional U shaped drains. They are also easy to clean and maintain. These type of drains are ideal for providing storm water draining on roads, car parks, malls, pedestrian areas, industrial sites, and airport taxiways. They can be designed to take on light (i.e, pedestrian) to extremely heavy loads (i.e., heavy duty trucks).

Manufactured with M – 30 grade of concrete by vibro compaction process
Suitably reinforced for handling and to withstand light to extra heavy-duty loads
Provided with a tongue and groove joint to create a water tight joint between adjacent units
The drain should be installed on a properly compacted base